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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  August 25, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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lorenzo butler. >> nomar: he might change it to big fly, he just had cool three-run bombs. he's got three three-run home runs today in the united states championship game. lorenzo butler. this is a team that in three games scored 25 runs. nomar, now, in four game, they've scored 40 run runs. they're averaging ten runs a game at the little league world series. there's a stkeout. but give tennessee a hand. we'll be back after this message and aid word from our abc stations.
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>> karl: nine rbi, a new record for the little league world series for that guy, number 8,
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lorenzo butler. not only is he making a name for himself here at williamsport worldwide. he is now trending on twitter, the number one in the united states. lorenzo butler and he has no idea. >> nomar: what a great day for the second baseman. now bradley smith leads things off as california comes up. last chance. and a good way to wrap up his chance on the mound. brock myers, faces the best. it looks like he has a little extra light on his bulk. brock myers, good pitch right there. he knows that is the 84th pitch. this is the 85th pitch. no matter what, it will be his last batter. look at that. was that shot up the middle. my goodness. >> karl: i think when myers responded with the ball it was
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on the dirt on second base. what a shot! brock myers' day is done. he'll be at shortstop tomorrow, in the united states/japan showdown for the little league world series title. tip of the hat for brock myers, kra still alive down ten. nobody out. still alive down ten. nobody out. cstill alive down te. nobody out. astill alive down te. nobody out.
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>> karl: back with nomar garciaparra. karl ravech. we rolled past 6:00 in the east and tennessee is rolling towards the world series championship game. brock myers did it on the mound.
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nomar. >> nomar: he sure did. showed some composure. you know the california lineup will be tough. swung the bat really well. utilized the fact that his team was throwing strikes and pounding that zone. >> karl: great job by brock myers. ryan lyle trying to get the final three outs of that game. kempton brandis is on the mound for the team from petaluma, california. lyle's first pitch is down. ball one. >> nomar: that ball of bradley smith was hit so hard. he's now at first base, wrapping up what has been a remarkable little league world series for him. >> karl: pitch is down. cole carter has done an excellent job behind home plate. he's got the whole game so far from tennessee. whenever he recognizes his
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pitcher might be off. he did this with brock myers as well. brock myers was able to get an out, after that. let's see if that works here with ryan lyle. >> karl: tennessee, three outs away from the first united states championship. lyle, falling behind, 3-0. tennessee just looking for strikes now. defense behind him has been very solid today. and ball four. two men are on here in the bottom of the sixth inning. when we began.
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hance smith was red hot. he's been overshadowed in a big way by lorenzo butler. >> i just want to make sure. he's a special pinch runner. i just want to make sure. are we good on that? hey. four in a row. four in a row. you got it. >> karl: there's hance smith now that austin paretti has been squared away as a special pinch runger. there's a called strike. >> nomar: that's what you need from ryan lyle. you don't want to give them any free pass, you want to make them earn their way on. especially when you have a
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ten-run lead right now. >> karl: no, breaking ball misses, 1-1. team from japan, waiting. manager of that team is here watching, looking to win his overall second little league world series title. what a clash of cultures and history when it comes to tomorrow's game between goodlettsville, tennessee and japan with japan's appearances, so numerous with the little league world series, and their title games. the manager, 72 years old. he managed for 45 years. >> karl: this one knocked up the middle. that's a good hit. bradley smith holds at third. bases loaded. i want to remind everybody, tomorrow is the coverage presented by kellogg's frosted
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flakes. first on espn, the loser of this one takes on the loser of california. that's tomorrow, and "web gems" and world championship preview. that's at 1:00 t. then we switch you to abc for the world championship game. >> karl: bases loaded. quinton gago now up. we know gago has some power as well. he got one home run so far in the little league world series. >> nomar: ryan lyle right now is having that trouble finding the strike zone. he's backing himself into a hole, getting behind these hitters. he appears to be sort of aiming it, instead of letting it go. maybe that's what the manager, jim hale is going to say to his witcher. >> karl: you look nervous.
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we're here to have fun. throw strikes, if you try to aim it, you ain't going to throw any strikes. like throwing darts, all right? everything we've worked on, you need now. fire it in there. just don't let up. fire it in there. you can do it. >> karl: the point there is to appreciate the number of hour, over hundreds of hours these boys have spent together with their coaches. practice with them. trying to perfect it all. thousands of miles they traveled. here they are on the doorstep of winning a united states championship. 2-0 to quinton gago of petaluma, california. there you go. there it is. that's exactly what he's looking for. >> nomar: carter behind home plate. all those hours on the found at
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the firehouse. >> karl: right. on the ground to third. they go home with it. safe, safe, safe! >> carter's foot was off the bag. california has one run back. the bases still loaded. nobody out. >> nomar: this is a good play by luke brown, but notice carter's foot by home plate. it was a good call by the home plate umpire, recognizing that his foot was not on the bat. so that forced out home plate. >> karl: james o'hanlon, the number 4 hitter for california. there's the call, strike. it is still a nine-run deficit. one thing for this california team are known for are close
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games. they've had walk-off wins and have dealt with walk-off losses against them. good breaking pitch there from lyle. >> nomar: looks like lyle really settled in and found that strike zone. that's what he wanted. he throws strikes. utilize your defense. smart play by luke brown. catcher's foot is off the bag a little bit. now just come back and continue throwing strikes. >> karl: 0-2. shallow center field. it's dropped. and they run into each other out there and another run for california. 15-7. one away from getting back to the top of the order. petaluma crowd starting to chant a little bit. >> karl: getting off the end of the bat. o'hanlon, just finding the empty space out there in center field.
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a couple of players crashing into each other. california staying alive. >> nomar: dylan moore is a special teams runner. and california certainly not throwing in any towels here. cole tomei has hit a home run here at the little league world series. take ace good hack at that one and fouls it off. this inning startinged with bradley smith, the number four hitter with a single up the middle and knocked brock myers out. he never takes a bat out of the dugout. always wants to get an at-bat. get a chance to hit some more. 0-1, to the left. it's down, it goes to the wall. one run is in.
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gago scores the second. hold on, everybody. 15-9. cole tomei with a double. still nobody out. cole tomei, hitting a nice long drive to left field. and everybody rounds the basis. good job, holding up that third. no need to force it. what you need is base runners. and keeps swinging the bat. >> karl: not done yet. nobody out. pitching change here at the little league world series.
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♪ if you like it make it clap ♪ oh oh oh oh oh oh ♪ oh oh oh oh oh ♪ oh oh oh oh oh ♪ oh oh oh oh oh >> karl: the west is not done yet. they are back to the top of the order. they've got four runs already in in the bottom of the sixth. there's nobody out. they still trail by six in the little league world series united states championship game. luke brown is the third pitcher of the day for good lelettsvill tennessee. ball one. remember the heroics of danny marzo. sectional play, hit a huge home run with two outs. rallied the team. there's the called strike.
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out of the way on that. there's marzo who wants another chance at it. o'hanlon at third base, cole tomei at second base. >> nomar: good stop back there by cole carter from tennessee. good technique back there. getting in front of that ball, knocking it down. nothing yet on the edge of their seats, but the folks from goodlettsville are inching towards them. slow roll to second. they'll go to first and get the first out. the tenth run the game is in for california. two outs away. know logi berra.
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logan douglas. good pitch by luke brown. >> noma >> nomar: luke brown coming in -- you feel those kids are hitting -- you just want to get at first out and then you settle in. >> karl: another good stop. especially with a man at third base. keeping that in front. >> karl: cole tomei at third. cole carter behind the plate. that was high. >> nomar: no matter where you are, any level. baseball, the last three outs are always the most difficult outs to get.
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tennessee led this game 15-5 about nine minutes ago. >> karl: out of play five runs in the bottom of the sixth already for the california kids from petaluma. you know they got fans up and down the west coast watching this. johnny gomes is planting himself in front of a television from petaluma, hoping they got a miracle comeback in it. >> nomar: good eye by logan douglas. >> karl: good catch by cole carter. looking behind him. get the deficit at four, you load them up. always hope to do that as an offensive team. 3-2. >> nomar: good pitch by luke brown and good job by douglas to stay alive.
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you have another look at brown going down. look at the movement on his ball. trailing down in the zone. just getting a piece of it. >> karl: danny marzo, good hitter. bradley smith on deck and in the hole, as logan douglas continues to battle. >> nomar: logan douglas already has a couple in today's game. he's trying to keep this game alive and luke brown, trying to stop the rally. >> karl: 3-2. good job to spoil that one. 15-10. tennessee has never won a united states little league world series championship. they are two outs away. on the ground, going to be a tough play.
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no play! 15-11. infield single for logan douglas. >> nomar: he was upset because he boggled that ball. i don't think he has any shot of getting douglas at first base. >> karl: this is a tough ball. he had the wrench far to his right. even if he come up with that throw. i think douglas would have beat that ease limit that's what you need right there. still alive. >> karl: and the man they want up, or at least going to get up this inning for california. danny marzo. just under it. sky high. jason brown is there! >> nomar: oh, that went up for so long. >> karl: jason ran about 50 feet to make that play. >> nomar: look at danny marzo,
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my goodness. i thought i was on. he knew he just missed that one. just got underneath it. he wanted that one. >> karl: here's the guy that started this inning off with a base hit. bradley smith. 124 bradley smith can pull them within two. there are two men down. first pitch is a ball. >> nomar: bradley is two 2 for 3 today. 11 for 17 in the little league world series. that's good for a .647 batting average. 7 rbis. >> karl: this is a great matchup for tennessee. there's no good matchup with smith at the plate. brock myers, tried to blow one by him and he plays the single right back up the middle.
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>> karl: often times i want bradley smith to swing away. but you need base runners right here, so. that's what you're worried about for california. and he did. he took it. good job right there. you know he can knock one over the wall. that's not going to tie this game up. you need him to get on base. >> karl: 3-1 pitch on the way to big bradley smith. on the ground. fair ball down the line anleft field. it's going to get to the wall. rounding third -- and scoring the 12th run of the game for california. >> nomar: logan douglas. they are one man away from bringing the tying run to the
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plate. in a game in which they trailed by 10 coming into this inning. >> kar you can't win it with this at-bat. get your hands to the ball and don't try to do too much. okay? make sure it's your pitch and your best swing and you're up there. no worries you can't win it or lose it here. okay? be your best. okay? >> karl: nomar. he has twice gone down the line, smith. >> nomar: bradley smith likes that left field line. >> karl: as good as bradley smith has been with his number, they've been great. the best hitter on this team is actually on deck. that's hance smith. he could come up with a chance to tie it if kempton brandis can get on. that one is going to go out of play. what a game. >> nomar: i was surprised when
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the coach came down there and talked to kempton brandis. saying listen, you can't tie this up with one spring, you can't win it, you can't lose it. stay out there and be yourself. >> karl: i think he's also well aware who can tie the game. that's his son, right there. number 10. he had his best at-bat the last at-bat. it was the single up the middle. the 0-1. that's going to get on the screen. and now luke brown and tennessee are one strike away. lorenzo butler with his nine runs batted in. hoping this game can end with the team on top. everybody hit well with two strikes in this game. the 0-2. the ball is going to get to left
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field. it is gone! it's a one-run game! are you serious? 15-14. touch home. touch home! >> nomar: the coach is right. you can't win it or lose it in this at-bat but he can make it a one-run game. and with two strike, he knew it. kempton brandis. going the other way! >> karl: california has scored nine runs in the bottom of the sixth inning. this was a 15-5 ball game when the inning began, and their best hitter, hance smith, is up. >> nomar: oh!
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>> karl: take a look at the numbers that hance smith has put up at the little league world series, if you throw the regionals in there. he's been red hot the last four games. had a grand slam and solo shot in a game earlier. one run will tie it. strike two. and again, tennessee down to its final strike. if they can get him here, they'll win their first united states championship. center field. and deep! we're tied. unbelievable. ten runs in the bottom of the sixth and california, has tied it at 15. oh, my goodness!


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